Cristine Willes (WSU Grad Speaker / Reader)

cristineCristine Willes

(WSU Grad Speaker |Reader)


Mini Bio:

One of Vancouver’s top actors for 30 years, Christine has extensive experience in TV, stage and film. In 2008, she was nominated for a Leo award for her work as “Gladys the DMV Demon” in CW’s hit comedy, Reaper (2007). She is internationally known as “Delores Herbig” in the Emmy-nominated TV series, Dead Like Me (2003). She will appear on the big screen in March, 2011 as “Madame Lazar” in Catherine Hardwicke’s production of Red Riding Hood (2011) – the first studio picture to be directed by a woman, shot by a woman and starring a woman (Amanda Seyfried). She has won three Jessie Richardson theatre awards for excellence, and both produced and starred inYasmina Reza’s “The Unexpected Man”, one of 2006’s Top Ten in Vancouver. Recently, she has expanded her practice to include acting/coaching on such productions as Bionic Woman (2007) and Charlie St. Cloud (2010). Christine serves on the Executive Board of UBCP/ACTRA. She was elected national councilor by her peers in the fall of 2008, and is a fiery champion of women in the performing arts. Encouraged by her sisters at the National table, Christine became chair of the National Women’s Committee in February, 2010. She has two great children, and is proud to call the West Coast of Canada home

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